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Prof. Laser is available for speaking on topics including AI and the law, educating corporate R&D teams, the drivers of innovation in society and communities, and women and mothers in law. Her research on intellectual property law has been cited to the Supreme Court and by judges of the Federal Circuit. She is an award-winning public speaker and Toastmaster with a passion for making legal information accessible and enjoyable. Available for podcasts, news, speeches, other media. Also available for workshops for women lawyer's groups on speaking up against harassment.

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George Washington University School of Law

Rethinking Patent Law's Exclusive Appellate Jurisdiction

Prof. Laser presents her paper, Rethinking Patent Law's Exclusive Appellate Jurisdiction, at George Washington University Law School.
The SEP Couch

SEP litigation and legal trends in the US patent system

Professor Laser represented clients such as Samsung and Lenovo in their defense strategy around standard essential patents (SEPs). "One challenge with SEP litigation is that infringement is happening globally, while patent litigation is always local." She discusses standard essential patent strategy.